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Telephone Triage Course: Classroom-based

An inhouse telephone triage and consultation skills training course for clinical staff.

Course overview

Our telephone triage course will give GPs (in hours or out of hours), nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and other clinicians the skills they need to perform telephone triage and consultations.

*note that this course it is not suitable for non-clinical staff.

Why attend our telephone triage course

Most clinicians are now using the telephone as the first point of contact with their patients, many finding themselves doing more telephone work than ever before.

This specialist role carries significant risks, such as:

  • inappropriate outcomes
  • dissatisfaction
  • legal liability due to delay or denial in care
  • inappropriate use of resources
  • reduction of appointment availability

To manage such risks, clinicians may want to take a telephone triage course to brush up on their skills. Indeed, many clinicians have never received training in this sub speciality.

What is covered by the course

Our telephone triage course will provide clinicians with a real understanding of how to manage the risks involved in telephone assessments to practise safely, effectively and efficiently.

Delegates will leave the course armed with useful solutions to managing common calls and the more challenging demands, whether they are new to telephone triage and consultations or experienced in this area.

It is suitable for GPs, nurses and indeed any clinician carrying out telephone assessments in Primary Care.

How the telephone triage course is delivered

This inhouse (classroom-based) course is entirely practical and will give delegates realistic tools and techniques in telephone triage and consultations by using interactive exercises, real calls, group work and plenary to explore what’s involved in providing care when clinicians are unable to see the patient.

Telelearning provides all the training materials necessary for the day including information packs, presentations, additional learning materials and certificates of attendance for CPD purposes.

The training day runs from 9.30 am (registration at 9.15 am) to 4.30pm , with time allocated for breaks and lunch.

The maximum number of delegates is usually 15, but this can be discussed when booking your course.

If you would like to arrange for one of our in house telephone triage and consultation skills course please fill in the enquiry form below and we will be in touch to discuss your training needs in more detail.

This course at a glance

Learning time: 6 hours CPD

Suitable for: Clinical staff, including GPs (in hours or out of hours), nurses, paramedics and pharmacists

Learning outcomes of this course

  • Understand the purpose of telephone consultations/triage
  • Refresh the knowledge and skills of those already doing telephone work
  • Provide knowledge and awareness for carrying out appropriate, cost-effective and safe assessment
  • Improve the clinician’s confidence in telephone work
  • Develop an awareness of the communication and questioning skills required

Telephone Consultation and Triage Skills Training

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate an awareness of managing the risks of telephone work
  • Demonstrate the core skills needed for telephone work i.e. questioning skills, communication skills and negotiating skills
  • Explore the documentation requirements in telephone triage
  • Practice safe and comprehensive assessment throughout the 3 key stages of a call
  • Learn some common phrases and techniques for managing routine and complex calls
  • Use examples of calls, scenarios, role play and plenary to consolidate learning

Training programme content

  • Telephone consultations/triage – their purpose
  • Identifying the risks in telephone work
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Questioning techniques
  • Structure of a call –
    • Stage 1 - Opening a call
    • Stage 2 - History taking and information gathering
    • Stage 3 - Closing, safety netting and management plan
  • Scenarios / role play
  • Record keeping and documentation standards
  • Summary and closure

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