Why telephone consultation triage skills are needed

The skills offered by our telephone consultation and triage training programmes are vital for General Practice and other healthcare environments.

Developing effective communication skills

Knowing how to build rapport and, trust with the patient is key to communicating effectively over the telephone.

Our telephone triage training courses give clinicians the communication skills they need to perform telephone triage and consultations with confidence.

Reducing risk for clinicians

Telephone consultations are often the first point of contact a clinician has with the patient and this carries significant risks, such as:

  • inappropriate outcomes
  • dissatisfaction
  • legal liability due to delay or denial in care
  • inappropriate use of resources
  • reduction of appointment availability

Training in this specialism will give clinicians the tools and techniques to manage the risks involved in telephone triage and consultations, allowing them to practise safely, effectively and efficiently.

Specialist telephone consultation and triage training with Telelearning

As one of the UK’s number leading providers of telephone triage and consultation skills training, we provide clinicians with the skills they need for this unique and often high-risk area of clinical care.

Find out more about our telephone triage and consultation skills courses:


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