Why care navigation training?

Care navigation training gives first contact non-clinical staff with the skills they need to communicate and signpost effectively.

Improving outcome for patients

It is often the case that a patient does not need a face to face consultation or contact with a clinician and instead requires signposting towards potentially differing services.

With the effective signposting training, care navigators, GP receptionists and other first point of contact staff can enquire more about the reason for contact and direct the patient to the right health care professional or service, saving valuable time and resources.

Delivering excellent customer care

Customer care skills are increasingly recognised as being of critical importance amongst all patient-facing staff.

Our care navigation and signposting training includes how to communicate effectively and provide excellent customer service, especially when it comes to dealing with difficult, frequent or demanding callers.

What’s more, by determining the urgency, prioritising the patient and navigating to the right level of care, effective care navigation and signposting can reduce wait times and bottlenecks, thereby improving customer experience.

Specialist care navigation training with Telelearning

As one of the UK’s leading providers of care navigation and signposting training, we provide first contact non-clinical staff with the skills they need for this unique and often high-risk area of clinical care.

Find out more about our care navigation training courses:

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