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Telelearning specialise exclusively in training and consultancy services in the area of telephone healthcare.

So why should you choose Telelearning as your provider of telephone and consultation training?

Telelearning (formerly know as Telephone Consultation Services) are the UK’s only specialist training and consultancy company in this area, which makes us the number one provider of telephone triage and telephone consultation skills training and training for non clinical staff. Our company  offers services either in-house or externally across all of the UK, Ireland and internationally, including Australia.

Our Managing Director, Sally-Anne Pygall, is one of the leading experts in telephone triage and consultations in the UK and the driving force behind Telelearning. With almost two decades of experience in this specialist area, no other healthcare training company offers the same level of knowledge and skills in relation to telehealth. Sally-Anne regularly trains on behalf of the RCGP, as well as deaneries across the UK, but most often works within General Practice and Out of Hours services, training both clinical and non clinical teams using her expert knowledge and training techniques.

With Telelearning, training is bespoke and tailored to your service or practice. We can deliver our own specially developed training courses for doctors, nurses, allied health care professionals, health care assistants, receptionists and call handlers, or we can work with your organisation to develop training programmes or quality assurance tools specifically to address your own needs.

We offer in-house training in all areas of telephone health care services, from GP reception and general triage consultancy to services used by Community Nurses, Single Point of Access, Rheumatology Helpline services and Occupational Health. We also provide online learning courses, which have proven indispensable for organisations who cannot release all staff to attend a classroom based course.

As well as basic telephone consultation and communication skills, Telelearning offer a range of useful and in-demand training programmes for healthcare professionals. A recent addition to our training programmes has been in team working and team building. We have witnessed the power of an effective and cohesive team when it comes to improving patient access and workload and have developed courses that help teams to come together and move forward with a new and dynamic approach to delivering patient care.