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Additional Reading and Educational Material

As part of our commitment to our readers and those using the tools and techniques covered in my book,  classroom training and online programmes, we also want to provide information on other providers of educational material in relation to the world of telephone triage.

One such author is SHEILA WHEELER, RN, MS, founder of TeleTriage Systems in the United States.

Ms Wheeler is a pioneer when it comes to telephone triage and whose expertise I have the highest regard for. She is an accomplished writer, (Publications) researcher and Adult and Pediatric Guideline Developer.  Listen to Ms. Wheeler’s recent presentation “To Err is Human, To Delay is Deadly”.

Founded in 1985, TeleTriage Systems — the first consulting firm to the telephone triage industry — specialises in innovative products and services in relation to condition specific triage protocols that are also age-specific, patient-centered, 5-Tier Triage decision support guidelines.  TeleTriage Systems’ products are “real world”, built by clinicians who currently practice telephone triage.  Their goal is to create safe, user friendly products that are high quality and evidence-based. Their decision support systems and consulting solutions focus on Quality Improvement and Risk Management.  They also offer Continuing Education Courses that were originally designed for clinicians in the US, but adaptable for UK clinicians where appropriate.