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Quality Audit Services

Poor quality telephone triage or consultations can lead to inappropriate referrals and unnecessary costs to the health service. It can also mean unacceptable clinical risk to patients. If you want to improve your telephone services and increase patient satisfaction, Telelearning’s Quality Audit Services are the first step to success. We will work with your organisation to develop bespoke services, tools and processes that enable you to carry out quality audits of your practice’s telephone triage or consultation work. Alternatively, we can carry out a standardised and in-depth audit on behalf of your organisation.

Audit services can include:

  • Conducting audit on calls taken by nurses, doctors or non clinicians (call handlers/receptionists)
  • Development of bespoke audit tools
  • Provision of clinical audit tools developed by Telelearning
  • Audit report writing
  • Reviewing and analysing performance and providing feedback using trend analysis of areas of strengths, weaknesses or learning needs
  • Bespoke training on areas identified as in need of improvement
  • Support for professional appraisals i.e. qualitative and quantitative information used for appraisal evidence

For more information on our Quality Audit Services, please call us on +44 (0) 191 520 8307 or send us your enquiry.