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Telephone Triage and Consultation Skills

Online Course, approx. 2.5 hours

For staff who are unable to access in-house training, or prefer other educational formats, we have developed an online or e-learning Telephone Triage and Consultation Skills learning programme.

The programme is divided into three modules and covers everything you need to know about carrying out telephone assessments in Primary Care or any area of telephone care. It includes information on communication skills, questioning techniques, the three key stages of taking a call, information gathering, safety netting and clinical governance arrangements including clinical audit, protocol use and documentation standards. Each of the three modules covers different areas of telephone triage and consultation skills, but each module is interlinked with the others and so it is recommended that the full programme be purchased wherever possible.

The course has been designed to teach the learner about the various issues, tools and techniques required for carrying out a clinical assessment of a patient over the phone, whether you are new to this specialist area or have been doing it for a number of years. The programme is predominantly text, but some of the course content is also available in audio form and speakers/earphones may be required. Each module provides the learner with an opportunity to complete a knowledge test; successful completion of each test will allow access to request the subsequent CPD certificate.

Our specialised and exceptionally high quality programme can be accessed via an internet connection and is suitable for any format including tablets and PCs. When completing the programme as one purchase, it will account for approx. 2.5 hours CPD, but this will vary according to the individual learner’s style. The full programme can be procured as a single purchase, or the three modules are available individually.

Entry to the programme/modules requires access to the internet. Once a licence has been purchased you will be sent new log in details. You will not receive a hard copy or a download of the programme/module. Once purchased, the course can be revisited time and time again, but it is limited to one user per licence.

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