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Signposting and Prioritisation Skills for Non-Clinicians

Online Course, approx. 2 hours

The skills required to engage well with patients are significant, from initial contact to directing individual cases to the most appropriate provider in the correct timeframe. Our online Telephone Communication and Customer Services Skills programme addresses the core abilities needed by Receptionists, and other non clinical staff, to ensure the safe and competent handling of phone calls within a practice. This online course is designed around our face-to-face training course for GP Receptionists and is highly valued by Practice Managers.

The programme addresses the communication skills required for receptionists to engage quickly and effectively over the phone. It demonstrates the importance of initially probing patients to ascertain the reason for the call, managing the most appropriate outcome and managing difficult callers. It also covers what is commonly referred to as ‘telephone etiquette’ – the core skills necessary for the safe and competent handling of calls by non clinical staff. Finally, we take the learner through the governance issue related to the managing of an emergency, where protocols do not currently support this risky area.

The programme uses text, audio and video presentations to ensure a lively and interesting format to engage the learner from the very first point of opening. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete, but can be picked up and left at any time, so the learner can return and complete it whenever it is convenient. Acccess is provided remotely and flexibly via the internet, rather than groups of staff having to attend a class at the same time, which makes it ideally suited to large teams who want to avoid depleting staff levels.

Entry to the programme requires access to the internet. Once a licence has been purchased, you will be sent new log in details. You will not receive a hard copy or a download of the programme/module. Once purchased, the course can be revisited time and time again, but it is limited to one user per licence.


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