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Telephone Triage & Consultation Skills - Module 2 V1.2 - Communication & Questioning Techniques

Telephone Triage & Consultation Skills – Module 2 v1.3 – Communication & Questioning Techniques (E-Learning Programme) Dec 2020


Module 2 is titled Communication & Questioning Techniques (Est. learning time 30 mins) and explores the communication and active listening skills required in the context of telephone interactions.

It features information on the use of telephone triage and consultations, how it can be defined, the benefits and risks of telephone triage and how those risks can be managed. Other information covered in Module 2 includes medico-legal considerations, documentation and record keeping and what you may want to consider as a ‘minimum standard’ for your documentation. Finally, it looks at the use of protocols within telephone triages and consultations and clinical audit of telephone triage work.

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The Telephone Triage & Consultation Skills online programme offers access to specialised information and learning on how to carry out telephone triages and consultations within the healthcare industry. The programme is made up of three separate modules which work together to offer a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Module 2 – Communication & Questioning Techniques – explores the communication and active listening skills required in the context of telephone interactions. It looks in details at how these skills can vary to the usual communication skills we have been taught as clinicians in a face-to-face encounters as well as information on the types of communication barriers that you may encounter and how to overcome them. Finally, it examines the differing questioning techniques which will be used in telephone interactions and when to avoid certain techniques.

The estimated learning time for this module is 30 minutes. This E-learning programme is accessed online and can be picked up and left at any time, with the option of reading the information as many times as required.

Please note, it is one licence per user and therefore if you wish to have more than one person access the programme you must buy the appropriate number of licences. Discounts are available for multiple licenses, just contact us for more information.