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Telephone Triage and Consultation Skills Course

4.5 Hour In-House Course

This half day in-house course is suitable for all clinicians carrying out telephone triage and consultations regularly. It covers the basic skills that are required for effective and safe telephone assessments within health care settings and is suitable for most service delivery models, from a total triage system to consultations.

During this 4.5 hour course, we will look at what constitutes a telephone triage or consultation over the phone and what you are trying to achieve through telephone interactions. We will also examine what communication skills are needed, look at different questioning techniques and learn how to take a call realistically, including the 3 key stages of every call. Other areas covered are safety netting, documentation standards and useful phraseology which could help mange conflict situations and increase your confidence when dealing with patients over the phone.

This useful half-day session is totally interactive with opportunities to discuss issues relevant to your place of work throughout. We will use a mixture of learning techniques, including listening to real calls, group exercises and plenary sessions and debate to help you to understand this difficult and often stressful area of work.

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