NEW BOOK LAUNCH – Telephone Triage and Consultation

Telephone Triage and Consultation

I’m thrilled to announce that my book Telephone Triage and Consultation which was commissioned by the Royal College of General Practitioners has now been published and is available for purchase from our website as well as from Amazon.  This easy to read guide provides practical tools and techniques for conducting a telephone triage and consultation safely and efficiently, quality assurance of calls, and how to manage or minimise the risks.

The Foreword below gives an overview of the book and how it can be valuable in supporting clinical and non-clinical professionals deliver improved access, together with safe and effective clinical care to their patients.


At a time when our health service is facing ever more unprecedented changes, the increasing challenge for primary care to deliver improved access and safe, effective clinical care to our patients in a climate in which demand now far outweighs capacity means that we must act! We need to adapt our ways of working, ensuring that this is carried out safely and with proper preparation and training. throughout our medical education and training, we lack formal teaching on telephone triage and consultations. So how do we embark on learning to do this safely and effectively?

Sally-Anne Pygall certainly knows her stuff!  This book is a truly essential read for any practice planning to incorporate safe telephone triage into its day-to-day systems. Even if telephone triage is already embedded in your organisation, this excellent resource, written by a clinician with a breadth of first-hand experience in triage systems, will empower you and improve confidence, self-awareness and efficiency. Evidence-based and adopting a sensible step-by-step approach, this book covers the reader an organised, structured account of all of the benefits and inherent risks of telephone triage and provides practical advice on reducing these risks and the importance of communication skills.

In our large, busy, town centre practice we urgently needed to find a practical solution to our increasingly unmanageable patient demand and workload. Sally-Anne’s dynamic approach and sound guidance on the use of good telephone triage and consultations has been incredibly effective in helping us to tackle this problem and put us back in the driving seat while improving our patients’ access to services and offering them a safe alternative solution to the face-to-face consultation.

This book is an invaluable primary care resource for GPs, trainee GPs, nurses and nurse practitioners. Both those new to general practice and experienced clinicians should read this inspirational and innovative guide, which will undoubtedly help you to acquire the skills needed for safe, efficient telephone triage and consultations.

Dr Samantha Weston